Most Important terms on Indian Art Buyers for artist registration:

1.   Artist/you can not display or post unavailable artwork/s on Indian Art Buyers website. Rs 1800@Year for maintenance charges. The artist will pay a service
      commission of 25% of Listed Price on sales artwork through Indian Art Buyers.

2.   You have to post minimum 4 and maximum 20 unique artworks for sale on Indian Art Buyers.
We request you to post new artworks regularly to catch the eyes
       of buyers and keep regular activity with Indian Art Buyers portal.

3.   You can not list the price higher than other online/offline gallery for your similar/similar size artworks.

Terms & Conditions :

Terms & Conditions for Artists Displaying & Selling their works through
By registering and placing your artworks for sale on ("the Website") you acknowledge that you are bound by the terms and conditions listed below:

  1. Registration & Membership:
    Indian Art Buyers reserves the right to accept/ reject any artworks of the artist. Indian Art Buyers is a service provider to artists to sell their artworks to collectors directly. It does not take responsibility, or give any guarantee or assurance for the sale of any artworks posted by the artist on this website.

  2. Sale of Artworks:
    Placing your works for sale on Indian Art Buyers constitutes an irrevocable acceptance of these terms & conditions. The contract of sale is between Indian Art Buyers (acting as the agent of the buyer) and the artist. The artist will be informed of the sale of his/her artwork by email or phone call provided by you. Unless rescinded/cancelled by Indian Art Buyers within 10 working days of the buyer placing the order on account of a default of payment by the buyer, such acceptance results in an enforceable contract of sale.

  3. Availability of Artworks:
    You can not display unavailable artworks on Indian Art Buyers. Because it is a ''CLICK & BUY'' model selling portal/online gallery. If displaying any your artwork get unavailable for any reason you are responsible to delete it yourself or inform us immediately to delete it from the website. All artworks posted by you committed that these artworks are available for sale. If order placed by the buyer and if you are not able to courier/shipped the artwork to the buyer within the period of 5 working days you are liable to pay the transactions fee(10% of artwork price) to Indian Art Buyers either national or international transaction for payment made by the buyer on behalf of your posted artwork/s. For this regard Indian Art Buyers refund the full payment to the buyer.

  4. Accuracy of Details:
    The artist is responsible for the accuracy of the details of the artworks, the dimensions, the medium & surface, the image quality and its similarity to the original piece of work. In case of a complaint by the collector, Indian Art Buyers will refund the money accepted on behalf of the artist to the collector, and ask the collector to return the artwork to the artist. For this regard returning and re-packaging cost will be borne by the artist along with the 10% transactions fee either national or international for payment made by the buyer on behalf of your posted artwork/s. At the time of placing the artwork for sale on our website the artist will state the condition in which the artwork will be shipped - rolled or framed or stretched, and in the event of a sale, courier the artwork in the same condition.

  5. Pricing of Artworks: 
    The artists will upload artworks at their convenience and quote a sale price as per their expectations. The listed price should account for all shipping, handling and service commission charges borne by the artist. Under no circumstances will the price be revised upwards once the contract of sale has been executed. Please keep in mind- Price should be similar and no higher than other online / offline gallery.

  6. Shipping: 
    Once an order is placed on Indian Art Buyers, the artist is required to courier the artwork within 3 working days of Indian Art Buyers having received the payment from the collectors on behalf of the artist and the website informing the artist of the same by email or phone call. All shipping/courier charges will be borne by the artist. The paintings that are unframed & unmounted should be shipped in a rolled format & in protective cylinders. For the paintings that are shipped with glass frames, utmost care should be taken while packing. The artist is responsible to maintaining a high standard of packing and shipping the artwork such that the collector receives it in undamaged condition and is satisfied by the service. The artist must use only reputed courier services to deliver artworks to the collectors. For unsuccessful transaction due to the fault of artist and also artist/you are liable to pay the 10% transactions fee either national or international transaction for payment made by the buyer on behalf of your posted artwork/s along with return courier charges.

  7. Default on Orders Placed:
    In the event that the Artist no longer has the artwork in his possession, or is unwilling to execute the sale, or has furnished wrong details about the artwork which gets revealed post the confirmation of a sale, Indian Art Buyers reserves the right to cancel the artist's membership to this service. Alternately, and without prejudice to the foregoing, Indian Art Buyers may, at its absolute discretion, seek to commence legal proceedings to ensure execution of the contract of sale.

  8. Amount Receivable: 
    The artist will pay a service commission of 25% of Listed Price on sales artwork to Indian Art Buyers.

  9. Overseas Sales: 
    For International transaction all shipping/courier and packing charges will be borne by the artist.The listed price in dollars will automatically have a 10% premium to the Rupee price posted by you on Indian Art Buyers (Premium amount for currency conversion, International transactions fee, credit card handling etc charges by our international payment partner and rest of the premium amount (If any) will be provided to the artist for additional shipping charges).

  10. Authenticity: 
    The artist is completely liable for the authenticity of the artworks and must take a colored print out of the authenticity certificate generated by the system, in the prescribed format, sign and laminate it and enclose the certificate with the artwork at the time of shipping.
  11. Invoicing and Receive payment:
    Indian Art Buyers will generate a computer generated invoice on behalf of the artist to be issued to the collector. The artist will receive the payment from Indian Art Buyers within 5 working days of the artwork being received by the collector in satisfactory condition.

  12. Returns & Refunds:
    Artworks received in an unsatisfactory condition by the buyer may be returned to the Artist in an as is condition within 3 days of its receipt and Indian Art Buyers informed immediately by e-mail. In such a case Indian Art Buyers will refund the payment to the buyer and cancel the order. Also can buyer returns the artwork if does not match with the website artwork image which it purchased by the buyer.

    For this regard returning and re-packaging cost will be borne by the artist. For unsuccessful transaction due to the fault of artist also artist/you are liable to pay the 10% transactions fee either national or international transaction for payment made by the buyer on behalf of your posted artwork/s along with return courier charges. However, the unsatisfactory condition will only be covered for damaged or spoilt condition, and not because the buyer did not like the purchased artwork for changed his/her mind. It is made clear that the buyer would forfeit his/her right of refund if such steps are not taken within 3 days of receipt of artwork. 

  13. Cancellation of membership:
    Indian Art Buyers reserves the right to terminate the registration of any artist from this portal without pre information or any notice, if it finds any irregularities, negligence in the dealings with the buyer/collector or none following the selling/displaying guideline, non compliance with the service standards of Indian Art Buyers and a change in the quality or standard of the artworks.

  14. Information:
    You agree to abide by all provisions prescribed in these terms and conditions. In particular, you warrant that all information that you submit will be true and accurate and you agree to furnish all details and information accurately on the artworks and bio data submitted by you on Indian Art Buyers.

  15. Authorization:
    You authorize Indian Art Buyers to exercise complete discretion in (i) the illustration and descriptions of art works for viewing and sale and (ii) acceptance or rejection of orders received. Also you authorize Indian Art Buyers to use your artworks images for publishing and advertising purpose anywhere.            

  16. Artworks assumed to be available:
    Indian Art Buyers is not obligated to provide any prior intimation of sale to the artist or have a discussion between the artist and the buyer because it is a "click and buy" model. Any artwork posted by the artist on Indian Art Buyers is assumed to be available with the artist for sale, at the price mentioned by the artist and available of being shipped in the shipping condition mentioned by the artist as and when a sale takes place. 

  17. True and correct information:
    The artist warrants that all the information furnished at the time of registration is true and correct and any change in the information provided will be updated and intimated to Indian Art Buyers immediately. Indian Art Buyers is entitled to act on the basis of the information provided and seek such further information, clarifications or verifications as it may deem necessary for granting registration. Such registration may be suspended or cancelled where Indian Art Buyers forms a reasonable view that any of the above information may be inaccurate. However, such registration will be restored immediately on the artist furnishing information to the satisfaction of Indian Art Buyers.

  18. Above terms and conditions may be changed anytime without any prior notice and we request you to visit and read it regularly in the website.

  19. Disputes if any would be subject to Kolkata jurisdiction only.

   *   Yes, I agree with the above Terms & Conditions and abide by the same.

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