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A recent art exhibition, organised by Alag Angle, said a lot about the city's lost pride - the Nag River. Art works by students, artists and art lovers depicted stories of the defamed river.

The exhibition was inaugurated by a city architect Pradyumma Sahasrabhojani. Artist and writer Anjor Dixit, who actively took part in the social awakening project, said, "The NMC may clean the river, but it is our job to not make it dirty. We all must think globally, work locally and start personally."

The artists, who were seen sporting casual avatars, had been burning candles at both ends for a long time to make this event successful. Artist Tanul Vikamshi said, "This exhibition is spreading word about the condition of Nag River and through this we not only educate the youth, but we also reach out to their family and friends. We want the youngsters to know this, so that we can bring back the honour of the river."

The paintings will also be circulated among various schools of Nagpur to educate the children and bring awareness in them about the river.

- Barkha Goenka
TNNJul 1, 2013, 12.00AM IST


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