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Online Exhibition Opportunity for Artist On Indian Art Buyers:

If you would like to participate for a Group or Solo Show on Indian Art Buyers then please contact us on- / , Participation fee Rs 1000 for Group Show and
Rs 3000 for Solo Show (Except our sponsored artists) for 15 days only.  

Interested Indian artists please send us 6 images of your latest available artworks in JPG format bellow 300 - 350 K.B. with the details as name of artist, title of paintings, size, medium, year, shipping condition, gallery selling price and updated profile/biodata on above email ID. Incomplete submission will not be accepted by the panel and no further communication will be entertained regarding the same.

If you have already submitted artworks please do not contact again. Our art panel will review your biodata and artworks. The art panel decision is final on this regard. If you selected to exhibit and sell artworks through Indian Art Buyers then we will contact you regarding the same with further details on your email address as soon as possible.

General Terms & Conditions for Participate in Group or Solo Show:

1)  4 to 6 unique and Available Artworks require for Group show. Participating artists 4 or 5 Members only.
2)  12 to 20 unique and Available Artworks require for Solo Show.
3)  You can not exhibit/display anywhere online/offline or sale directly or by other any channel during the
     exhibition period of exhibit artworks.

4)  You can request us your preference dates for the exhibition. We will try to manage the dates you want.
      No guarantee, if space is available then we can give you this exhibition opportunity on IAB website.

5)  If dates are fixed for the exhibition, we need your artworks/images before 7 days of the show starting date
     for uploading your profile and  artworks on Indian Art Buyers website. For this regard we will provide you
     login details for upload artworks by you. Or, if you want we will upload those artworks from IAB admin panel
     then we charges Rs 500 extra. For this regard you have to provide us artworks images in JPG format bellow
     300-350 K.B. with the actual details as name of artist, title of paintings, size, medium, year of creation,
     shipping condition, gallery  selling price and updated profile/biodata on- / 

6)   If artworks get sold through us then we receive 25% service commission from you.
7)  Exhibition dates may be extended/ postponed/ or cancelled for any reason before/ after or on going period
     or any time of the exhibition. If we cancel exhibition for any reason, we will refund your full payment. If you
     cancel or unable to provide artworks(Images) for exhibition before 7 days, we would not refund your payment.

8)  Your membership will be validated till the last date of the exhibition (Except Indian Art Buyers Artist Members)
     from starting date on Indian Art Buyers website.

9)   Indian Art Buyers reserves the right to accept/ reject application and any artworks of the artist.
10) We do not give any guarantee or assurance for the sale of any artwork/s posted by the artists on this
      website /exhibition. Also you are bound to read and accept our other all Terms & Conditions for exhibit
      and sell artworks on-

Online Exhibitions:
*  ''FEELINGS'' Online Group Exhibition From 1st to 15th September 2014.                              View catalog >
*  ''EMERGING COLLECTIONS'' Online Group Exhibition From 16th to 31st August 2014.       View catalog >
*  ''GANESHA'' Online Group Exhibition From 30th July to 15th August 2014.                           View catalog >

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