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I am an artist. How can I sell my works through 'Indian Art Buyers'?

If you are a professional and Indian artist you should register with 'Indian Art Buyers' at "Artist's Sign Up" area. Our Art Panel will review your application on the basis of your uploaded artworks and bio data. we will send you an greeting email if you selected by the panel on 'Indian Art Buyers' within 45 working days with further details. No further communication will be entertained. Please do not phone call us or email us after your submission regarding the same. 

Please note that we have a highly discerning collector base platform and the Art Panel's decision is final on this. If you are invited to the 'Indian Art Buyers' forum you will be given a login name and password. Using these, you can log in to your account and post art works for sale. Presently you can upload minimum 4 and maximum your 20 (Available and Unique artworks only) latest artworks for sell in our portal. You can edit and set your own prices anytime. In Indian Art Buyers always be the gallery selling / listed prices similar and no higher with other galleries online or offline any more where your artworks are in display.

How do I set my prices on 'Indian Art Buyers'?

Artists can set their own prices on 'Indian Art Buyers'. However, they should ensure that they account for shipping charges, and the 'Indian Art Buyers' service commission. Since on 'Indian Art Buyers', commissions are much lower than other art galleries, we expect the 'all inclusive packing and shipping, handling etc prices' listed by artists to be the lowest on this portal so that collectors benefit from this model as well.

What commission does Indian Art Buyers charge from artists on sales?

'Indian Art Buyers' currently receive 25% commission from artists on all artworks displayed and sold through this portal.

How Do I Know if my artwork/s sold through Indian Art Buyers?

When buyer made payment or booked the artwork you will be informed by us immediately through your provided email. So, please provide us your active email ID and contact number for quick contact regarding the same.

If Artwork Sold Through 'Indian Art Buyers' How do I Get The Payment ?

If artwork received in good and satisfactory condition by the collector, the payment will be credited to your account with 5 working days.

Are there any specifications of size of the image that I submit?

Yes, it is preferred that the size of the painting is bellow 300-350 KB big (jpeg 800-850 pixel  width and resolution 72, please avoid- @!#%^& " " , :/, >< " etc special characters in file name for upload images.). Also, please make sure that you have edited out the borders and frames from the photograph. Images with border, background behind the artwork image, frame or text will not be accepted by the Indian Art Buyers Team. Please Edited artwork which you painted freshly. For this regard it may be need to cut out painted image partially it is ok. Please see How to upload artworks

Please do avoid to make high brightness, exaggerate of colors or higher contrast than the original artwork to receive unsatisfactory feedback from the collectors. Please do try to produce the image as original artwork. For this regard you can take a help from your local photographers.

I have uploaded the image of my painting but it is still not showing on the website?

When you upload the image of your painting, it goes to the back end office for editing purposes. Once this is done the image gets activated on the website. If there are many works waiting for submission at the back end, then they are put in queue to be uploaded gradually in one or two day’s time. If your uploaded artwork not accepted by the team Indian Art Buyers will be rejected it without display.

Indian Art Buyers also can reject the artworks without display if it is too larger/big size file, incomplete descriptions, unclear or defective image, same artworks are displaying with other online galleries or priced is higher than other online / offline galleries. Please follow the guidelines carefully while uploading the artworks/images.

How keep continue my profile and artworks on Indian Art Buyers?

Keep in mind you can not display unavailable Artworks on Indian Art Buyers website. Please ensure your posted artworks are unique and now available with you for sale online with us. Open 'Edit' Button and simply 'Update' artwork or delete and re-post them to keep update your works through your artist admin area in ''View Collections'' page.

New Artist Registration:

If you are Indian, professional and highly creative artist and If you are interested in selling and promoting your artworks worldwide through 'Indian Art Buyers' then please register and submit your artworks through 'Artist Signup' area and follow the guidelines carefully. Also we request you to see 'Terms and Conditions' carefully before the submit artworks.

In case if you unable to register through the process please send us 3 to 6 images of your latest available artworks in JPG format bellow 300-350 K.B. with the details as title, size, medium, year, shipping condition, gallery selling price and updated profile/biodata on- . Incomplete submission will not be accepted by the panel and no further communication will be entertained regarding the same.

If you have already submitted artworks please do not contact again. Our art panel will review your biodata and sample artworks. The art panel decision is final on this regard. If you selected to display and sell artworks through Indian Art Buyers then we will contact you regarding the same with further details on your registered email address within 45 days. 

Tips for Biodata Format:
* About you and your artwork (At least 4/5 lines)
* Art Education details with proper year
* Solo and Group Exhibition details with proper year and galleries/places
* Workshop/Art camp etc (if have any) with proper year and places details
* Awards in the field of art (if have any) with proper year
* Artwork in collections with (If have any)

For Activated Artist On Indian Art Buyers:

If you are already activated artist on Indian Art Buyers but profile is not showing on the website please contact us at-

Cause of profile blocked / Pending :
1.  Irregularities of posting artworks
2.  Negligence in the dealings with the buyer
3.  None following the selling/displaying guideline
4.  Priced is higher than other art gallery for similar or similar size artworks
5.  Same artworks you are displaying for sale with other online galleries
6.  Displaying of unavailable artworks (sold by other channel but not informed or deleted)

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